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Wood Sealer in Pakistan

NEO Premium Wood Sealer

NEO Premium Wood Sealer is ideal for filling surface imperfections of all kinds of wooden furniture and fixtures.

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An ideal sealer to fill surface imperfections of all kinds of wooden furniture, surfaces and fixtures. It penetrates the pores of the wood and prevents sinkage of the topcoat to allow good hold out.

Drying:Drying time is generally related to air circulation, temperature, film thickness and number of coats will be affected accordingly.
Drying Time:Touch dry: 5 minutes
Recoat: 10 minutes
Fully dry: 30 minutes
Coverage:12-14 m2/lit./coat (spread rate by brush)
DiluentNEO Premium Wood Thinner
Dilution (by volume):Spray: 60-80% v/v
Number of coats:Two or more