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Sheesha Wall Putty - Pakistan

NEO Premium Sheesha Wall Putty

NEO Premium Sheesha Wall Putty is a ready-to-use filler, formulated with an acrylic binder that provides a smooth and uniform finish to plasterwork and a durable base for topcoat application.

No added lead, mercury or chrome stamp
Superb adhesionEasy to applyExcellent coverage
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Ideal to prepare interior masonry surfaces for paint application. Its excellent adhesion ensure a durable base for top coat application. It provides excellent coverage and is easy to apply. NEO Premium Sheesha Wall Putty is not recommended for exterior use.

Drying Time:Recoat after 2-3 hours
Coverage:3-4 m2/kg (finish)
Application:Putty applicator
Dilution:Ready to use
Cleaning:Clean all equipment with water

Surface Temperature10-35oC
HumidityLess than 80%