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Red Oxide Primer - Pakistan

NEO Red Oxide Primer

NEO Red Oxide Primer is an anti-corrosive undercoat that stops rust build-up, prolongs the life of metal and provides a level surface for better topcoat adhesion.

No added lead, mercury or chrome stamp
Anti-corrosiveWeather-resistantSuper Adhesion for topcoatHigh water resistance
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Ideal as an undercoat for all solvent-based topcoats, designed for interior and exterior iron and steel surfaces including grills, gates, appliances, playground equipment, piping, wrought iron railings, mailboxes, and storage tanks.

Drying Time:Touch dry: 3-4 hours
Recoat: 16 hours (depending on ambient temperature and humidity)
Coverage:13-15 m2/lit./coat (spread rate by brush)
Application Brush, spray, and roller
DiluentMineral Turpentine
Dilution (by volume):Brush: 10-15%
Spray: 25-40%
Number of coats:Two or more
Cleaning:Clean all equipment with mineral turpentine

Surface Temperature10-35oC
HumidityLess than 80%