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NEO Premium Wood Gloss Lacquer

NEO Premium Wood Gloss Lacquer is fast drying, displays an elastic and protective film with rich gloss, and has excellent adhesion to wooden surfaces.

No added lead, mercury or chrome stamp
High DurabilityExcellent Clear FinishEasy to ApplyHigh Gloss
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Ideal for wooden surfaces, provides exceptionally good covering power and most importantly, it brings out the natural beauty of the wood without hiding the wood grains.

Surface Dry:15-20 minutes
Re-coat:30-35 minutes
Hard Dry:3-4 hours
Coverage: 13-15 m2/lit./coat
Diluent:NEO Premium Wood Thinner
Dilution (by volume)Spray: Thin up to 90-110% v/v
No. of Coats:2 or more
Cleaning:Clean all equipment with NEO Premium Wood Thinner