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Premium Plastic Emulsion Paint - Pakistan

NEO Premium Interior Plastic Emulsion

NEO Premium Interior Plastic Emulsion is an acrylic-based coating suitable for all types of interior masonry surfaces that provides superb durability, coverage and washability.

Matt Finish | 80 colours

No added lead, mercury or chrome stamp
Flawless FinishEasy Clean Excellent CoverageAnti-FungalAnti-AlgaeAnti-MildewLow Odour

Colour your life


Pearl White

Shell White



Ivory Silk

Swiss White

Ash White

Dove White

Lavender White

Snow White

Ash Grey


This product is also available in K-Spectrum, an extended catalogue of 328 colours

View K-Spectrum Colours

Green Tinge

Yellow Fantasy

Dazzling Gold

Mango Slice

Cool Gold

Cool Blue

Warm Blue

Blue Mist

Exciting Blue


Green Mist

Fresh Lily

Tranquil Green

Misty White

Lime Fresh

Vogue Voilet

Wild Orchard


Sunset Orange

Warm Peach

Brick Red

Beach Pink


Traditional Pink

Salsa Red

Pink Marquee

Pink Voilet

Tile Red

Sweet Blossom

Festive Pink

Rose White

Red Haze

Fresh Grey

Misty Biege

Brazil Nut

Rose Water

Jasmine Yellow


Deer Skin


Thunder Blue



Purple Nector


Apricot White

Old Linen

Saffron Delight

Pure White

Graphite Grey

Morning Jasmine

Neon White

Light Buff

Sea Salt

Cloud White

Coral Dawn

Lilac Breeze

Pearl Blush

Meadow Fern

Evening Haze

Lavender Mist

Mont Blanc

Moon Rock

Gardenia Snow

Cosmic Sky

Modern Grey

Powder Blue

Blanc de Blanc

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Excellent for high-traffic interior areas, such as bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and dining rooms.

Drying Time: 2-3 hours between coats
Coverage:16-18 m2/lit./coat (spread rate by brush)
Application Brush, spray, and roller
DiluentClean water
Dilution (by volume):Roller: 25-40%
Brush: 50-70%
Spray: 40-50%
Number of coats:Two or more
Cleaning:Clean all equipment with water

Surface Temperature10-35oC
HumidityLess than 80%

NEO Interior Emulsion is also available in K-Spectrum. Visualise and create your own custom colour with the advanced K-Spectrum technology, which can create a wide range of colours to give you unlimited possibilities.
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