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Gloss Enamel Paint for Metal - Pakistan

NEO Metallic Gloss Enamel

NEO Metallic Gloss Enamel is a solvent-based highly durable coating with a glossy metallic luster.

Gloss Finish | 8 Colours

No added lead, mercury or chrome stamp
High sparkleBrilliant gloss finish

Colour your life

Sparkling Silver

Brown Sheen

Gold Dust

Shiny Green



Ocean Blue


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Ideal for interior and exterior, wood and metal surfaces. Including doors, walls, windows, architraves, grills and gates.

Drying Time:Touch dry: 20-30 minutes
Recoat: Flash off for 5-10 minutes between coats
Hard dry: 3-4 hours
Coverage:13-15 m2/lit./coat (spread rate by brush)
Dilution (by volume):70 to 85%
Number of coats:Two or more
Cleaning:Clean all equipment with petrol/xylene

Surface Temperature10-35oC
HumidityLess than 80%