Green tends to conjure up images of the natural world—a constant source of inspiration for interior designers. Psychologically, people associate the colour with everything from freshness, peace, and rejuvenation to health, wealth, and nurturing. Who wouldn’t want to bring it into their interior design scheme?

With so many hues it is extremely flexible and suitable for most rooms in the home—a welcome design choice regardless of seasonal shifts.

So, how do you pick the right shade to suit your vibe? To help here are a few tips to consider when using the colour green in your interior design.

Brightening-up your space

Soft green tones work best and create a relaxing atmosphere. A perfect choice if you want an alternative to plain white walls. Discover NEO’s Misty White, Green Lace, Spring Cut and Light Leaf.

Bringing the outside in:

Medium green tones are what you want to bring greenery indoors. They are calm, and cooling—evoking nature vibes all day, every day, from the comfort of your sofa. Discover NEO’s Single Blade, Willow Branch, Fresh Lily and Spring Green.

Introducing a touch of glamour:

To achieve a modern yet welcoming take on opulence it’s time to go bold and vibrant by opting for brighter more exuberant shades. Something slightly unexpected to make a confident design statement. Discover NEO’s Festive Green and Meadow Fern.

Add texture and pattern:

To give more depth and interest experiment by adding texture and pattern. You can add texture with cushions, rugs, and throws. And for pattern you can complement with wallpaper, tiling, and fabrics.

Whether you are giving your scheme a seasonal lift, a large-scale makeover for your living room or a simple styling project—remember to be brave and have more fun with colour!